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TEAM - Actors : "Transitions in Environmental and agrifood systems management"

Master's in Agrosciences, environment, territories, landscape, forest

Program adapted to English speaking students

The professional context induced by these major transitions shows a fragile and rapidly changing agricultural sector, and local communities investing new vocations and creating more interfaces between public and private issues thanks to new processes such as facilitation, mediation and coordination. Such a transitions towards a more collaborative management of territories and management mobilizes a wider range of actors of with farmers and their organizations, local authorities, State services, territorial public institutions, but also civil society, sectors of the council, research, companies, new actors of the social economy and solidarity ...

Consequently, new professional fields are identified for the students of this master's: Habitat / Urbanism, Mapping and monitoring of the environments, blue & greenways management, renewable energies, agro-ecology, littoral , water management, health and environment, territorial Waste management.

The careers dealing with consulting activities and territorial management now recruit at the M2 level or beyond. More and more professional situations, in the public and para-public as in the private sector, develop contracting processes linking private and public sector to carry on environmental management activities. They highly rely on project management skills, and on advice, expertise, decision support and facilitation. Entrepreneurship and, in particular, self-entrepreneurship are encouraged.

Exemples of the variety of occupations and positions available for the Master TEAM students :

  • Coordinator of territorial projects (watersheds, territorial food projects ...)
  • Development officer in local authorities
  • Development group leader
  • Responsible for studies in development and environment
  • Consultant on ecological and social issues related to territorial projects
  • Service providers drinking water, sewage, waste, hydraulic ...
  • Risk Manager for Environmental Assessment

Future sectors of employment of Master TEAM students in a wide field of employment sectors in the public, parapublic and private domains:

  • Consular chambers and technical institutes
  • Institutions for territorial management
  • Design offices
  • Local authorities
  • Agricultural development and civil society groups
  • Research and higher education organizations
  • Associations and foundations
  • Large companies

Students who have graduated from the Master's Degree may also pursue a thesis at our co-accredited doctoral schools, in particular the EGAAL doctoral school (Economics, Geosciences, Agronomy, Food) and the doctoral school STT (Societies Temps Territoires).



Course supervisor
Catherine DARROT

Course coordinator
Hussein Al Mohammad