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French Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping


AGROCAMPUS OUEST (Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping) is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution (or EPSCP, to use the French acronym) under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST was founded on 1 July 2008 by Decree no. 2008-616, published in the Journal Officiel on 27 June 2008.
It enjoys a wide-ranging independence in the fulfilment of its roles, enjoying the status of “grand établissement”, or elite institution, under Article L. 717-1 of the Education Code.

Director General: Grégoire Thomas
Deputy Director: Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza
Chairman of the Board: Dominique Chargé
Chairman of the Scientific Committee: Louis-Georges Soler

AGROCAMPUS OUEST, headquatered in Rennes, is composed of two training and research centres:

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is organised as follows:

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is managed by a Board (Administration committee) composed of 30 members:

  • 7 ex-officio members (representatives of the state and regional authorities)
  • 8 appointed members (qualified figures including former students)
  • 15 elected members (staff and student representatives)

The chairman and vice-chairman of the Board are elected from amongst the ranks of people who are external to the institution and do not represent the state.

The Board governs, through its deliberations, all issues concerning the organization and functioning of the University.
The Board, by decree, is supported by three consultative bodies:

  • the Scientific Committee (24 members)
  • the Faculty Committee (51 members)
  • the Studies and University Life Committee (22 members)

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