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French Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping


The Documentation service at AGROCAMPUS OUEST is based around 3 centres:
•  the documentary resources centre, composed of 8 libraries spread across 3 college sites, plus a digital library.
A detailed presentation of each library can be accessed through the western agricultural resources portal shared by AGROCAMPUS OUEST, the INRA Centre in Rennes and Irstea Rennes.
Focus on the historical library, responsible for managing old documentary holdings.
•  the documentary services centre, supporting the institution’s teaching and research activities (monitoring, managing publications).
•  the documentary mediation centre, tasked with coordinating the training of students for acquisition of computer skills and providing tools for access to AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s resources.


•  acquiring and conserving documents to expand the collections and make them available to users
•  training students, PhD students and staff in scientific and technical information management
•  highlighting scientific and educational publications related to the activities of lecturer-researchers, staff and students
•  monitoring the institution’s areas of activity

Key figures
55,000 contemporary books
30,000 historical documents
11,000 Master thesis
550 PhD theses
500 periodical subscriptions
700 multi-media documents

Documentary resources

agriculture, agriculture, agri-food, development, rural economy, environment, fishery sciences, horticulture, landscaping, animal sciences, phytosanitary sciences, plant sciences, soil sciences, aquaculture, fishing, integrated management of coastal zones, sustainable development.

Access to documents in the libraries
The Cérès library catalogue allows users to search for documents (books, theses, dissertations, etc.) in the various AGROCAMPUS OUEST libraries.
Full-text access to resources :
•  AGROCAMPUS OUEST offers access to digital resources for college students and staff (Science Direct, Encyclopedia Universalis, Dalloz, Factiva, Horticulture Science database...)
•   Open access to resources selected by AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s librarians
In order to ensure top quality service in the Angers and Rennes general libraries, the Shared Documentation Service undertakes to meet the commitments set out in the Marianne charter: easier access to services, a clear response to requests within the stated time, a systematic response to complaints, etc.

Facilities provided
•  areas provided for individual or small-group work
•  work stations dedicated to documentary research
•  self-service photocopier using a card, ability to send documents free of charge, in PDF format, via an e-mail address  

Libraries opening hours
The opening hours of all AGROCAMPUS OUEST libraries can be consulted on the Agrodoc-Ouest documentary portal site (under the documentary service section).