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French Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping


AGROCAMPUS OUEST Rennes Centre (AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s main base) is at the heart of a vast and important centre of multidisciplinary agricultural teaching and research, based in Rennes since 1896.

Benefiting from a location between land and sea where the issues and challenges of life sciences are found in all their variety, this centre has been a partner of INRA for over 50 years and is continuously evolving to better serve the interests of Brittany and the agriculture and agri-food sector as a whole.

Key figures
- 257 teaching staff and administrative and technical staff
- 1,267 students
-  17ha

Teaching and research areas

  • Plant sciences and agro-systems
  • Animal sciences and production
  • Environment
  • Fisheries and aquatic sciences
  • Food production, bio-industries, health
  • Resource and territorial economics and politics
  • Biomathematics


Accreditation for four doctoral schools:

Materials, equipment and resources

  • Incubator
  • Technology hall
  • Sensory analysis unit
  • Lecture halls (available for hire)
  • Documentary resources (historical and contemporary holdings)

Partners based on the campus

  • Valorial, agri-food competitive cluster
  • The European Centre for Dairy Research and Training
  • Installation of drying pilot system
  • Cluster for food-production sciences and technologies & agriculture and agri-food systems
  • Western agriculture Cluster
  • Brittany environmental Science Committee

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