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AGROCAMPUS OUEST Rennes Centre, Beg Meil site

Located in southern Finistère, in Concarneau bay, the main role of the Beg-Meil site of AGROCAMPUS OUEST is to support the technical agricultural teaching teams as they adapt to changes in the trades for which they provide training, as well as changes in teaching methods.

This role is carried out within the framework of the National Support System (SNA) for agricultural teaching established by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In collaboration with AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s teaching and research departments, the team of trainers at the Beg-Meil site provide an interface role between research, training and development around two main centres of expertise:

  • agriculture, territories and environment (agriculture and sustainable development, food production, natural resource management and biodiversity)
  • aquaculture and coastal areas (sustainable fishing, marine and continental aquaculture, integrated management of coastal zones, regional planning and local development)

supported by an incubator and a documentation and information centre.

The activities performed are agreed by contract within the framework of the National Support System and the European Social Fund (ESF) through a project entitled "Supporting agricultural education in the integration of skills required for green growth".

Key figures
- 24 teaching staff and administrative and technical staff


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