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Created by the first graduates from our various engineering courses, there are four associations of former AGROCAMPUS OUEST students present and active within the college itself.
They currently have over 13,000 members in France and around the world, in a very diverse range of professions.

Les Agros Rennes and Uniagro

The essential role of Les Agros Rennes, an association of agricultural engineering graduates of AGROCAMPUS OUEST and the colleges which preceded it, is the development of links and exchanges between former students, allowing them to benefit from a wide and effective professional network. The association is a member of the UniAgro Federation.
The UniAgro Federation was founded in 2006 by associations of graduates from elite Grandes Ecoles and public institutions offering higher national education in agriculture, agri-food and horticulture.
UniAgro now brings together in a single network more than 30,000 engineers active in life sciences & technologies: agricultural and agri-food engineers, all holding the qualification of Master of Sciences in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Food Technologies and Environmental Management.
The 5 aims of Uniagro are as follows:
-    To help its members enter or re-enter the workplace
-    To create and maintain a professional network
-    To promote agricultural training among employers at national and international level
-    To contribute to the advancement of college teaching
-    To forge closer links between all its members: recent graduates, established engineers, retired members.

The Association of Horticultural and Landscape Engineers (AIHP)

The AIHP (Association des Ingénieurs de l’Horticulture et du Paysage) was created in 2001 with the merger of the Versailles Association of Horticultural Engineers and the Angers Association of Horticultural and Landscaping Technology Engineers. The AIHP has some 3000 currently active engineers.
• Developing and coordinating the network of landscape and horticultural engineers who are graduates from AGROCAMPUS OUEST and the colleges which preceded it
• Creating a dynamic link with engineering students
• Highlighting the specific aspects of the work of engineers in the specialist sectors of horticulture and landscaping.
• Promoting and raising awareness of the roles of horticultural engineers and landscape engineers among businesses in the horticulture and landscaping sectors.

The Association of Agri-food Engineers, INSFA

The aim of this association, which has around 200 members, is to create a network among agri-food engineering graduates of AGROCAMPUS OUEST (ex-INSFA), while enhancing the reputation of the agri-food engineering course among businesses.

The Agri-Fishery Association

The Agri-Fishery Association seeks to facilitate entry into the workplace, both in France and abroad, for AGROCAMPUS OUEST agricultural engineers specialising in fishery, and fishery and aquacultural sciences master’s students, as well as relations between these two groups and the promotion of these courses.


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